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Desc:Hes not a professional, but he should be
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:The Office, david brent, the office uk, gareth
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Comment count is 12
Five stars for Matthew Holness in anything.
The Jack Daniels shirt: instant asshole alert.
well played as "the typical IT guy with attitude in ANY office environment"
Sooo... just IT guy then.

Rodents of Unusual Size
British Office is far superior to American Office.
not really.

wtf japan
Except yeah, it is. The American version is still good, however.

I say it's mildly superior, but much shorter. Obviously, my opinion is correct, the rest of you should shut up, and I have spoken.

BBC version has Hat FM. I rest my case.

Watch whatever makes you laugh. In my case its both. Arguing over which is "better" is pointless internet wankery.

I've known people JUST like this.
Hell, we all have.
also, quite a convincing depiction of a bruce lee nuthugger.
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