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Poor Excuse - 2008-08-07

Yowza! I want one... or is it "I want two" or " I want 1.357"?

BHWW - 2008-08-07

On one hand it is kind of cute (being a kitten and all) but it disturbs me a little. Sort of an "AHHHHHHHHHHH-awwwwww-AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH-awwwww" thing going here.

freedoom - 2008-08-07

...and we named him Harvey Dent.

Adham Nu'man - 2008-08-07

Much better than the backstabbing puppy.

Stog - 2008-08-07

Awww. This adorable kitten's going to do great things.

Like terrorize Batman.

Genghis the gerbil - 2008-08-08

Or Spider Jerusalem.

buttnutt - 2008-08-07

The mother sleeps in the litter box? What a degenerate/

fermun - 2008-08-07

That's what I noticed too. The cat's mother is a disgusting animal.

jangbones - 2008-08-07

"Itíll happen today. Iíve seen signs. National Examiner reported a two-headed cat born in Queens. You'll keep my paper for me tomorrow?"

Black Napkins - 2008-08-07

Does it smoke?

garcet71283 - 2008-08-07

Needs a "Spore" tag

Cleaner82 - 2008-08-08

The questions that spring to my mind are logistical. Do both the faces move? Can the kitteh move one independent of the other?

TinManic - 2008-10-19

irrelevant. it probably died within days.

lordyam - 2008-08-09

but will it go well with my sweet and sour sauce...?

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2008-08-11

Soon the god kitty will rise to power and the apocalypse will be nigh. Until then, who wants some milk! WHOS A GOOD WIDDLE ITTY BITTY MUTANT YES YOU

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