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Desc:Chad the Christian returns with baby Monty, a python, to educate us about sin (and animal cruelty).
Category:Humor, Religious
Tags:Snake, christianity, monty, Youthbytes, Chad Daniel
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Comment count is 15
So, a pastor makes a little video explaining the philosophy of sin and temptation in fun way kids and bored teenagers might pay attention to.

I dig it.
Absolutely, this isn't mean spirited at all. I almost feel cheated!

Next week: Leviticus explained by bludgeoning uppity teenager to death with display carton of Slim Jims.
The moral is to not feed black dogs.

Also, naming a python Monty is very clever and unique.

Yeah, Merkwuerdigeliebe, feeding black dogs is ok as long as you stick to fried chicken and watermelon. The real moral here is that Mexican dogs come to take our jobs!

+4 for snake usage -1 for lack of strychnine
Led Zeppelin have a song called "Black Dog." Said song is on an album with another song that talks about SATAN HIMSELF when you play it backwards.

Where's the wacky protester?
so like, sodomy is like sin food?
in some foreign countries theyre fed children?

nice thinly veiled orientalism.
he seemed to enjoy riding on the swing :)
Nyms Lives!
I can put a snake in my pocket and take him to church? Thanks for the suggestion!

And yeah, love the throwaway line about them furiners feeding babies to snakes.
Rodents of Unusual Size
-1 star for no snakebites or gay hitchhikers that turn out to be god or bananas
That's a perfect analogy.
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