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Desc:At least he's honest about it
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:Picard, TNG, needs and feelings
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Reporter has a laughing fit
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That's why you're alone, Picard. So cold and alone.
I don't like to five these Star Trek: TNG videos, but I will five star this one.
I had no idea that Jean-Luc Picard is German.
No hesitation in that response.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
With holodeck porn, who has time for needs and feelings?
Ah, the holodeck. Don't come in between 5 and 6. That's the Captain's time.

He like the 30's detective simulations. That way there's no judgment when he gives the dame a shiner.

Picard is autistic?
Well, he is a pretty great man in the Federation.

Clearly, all the top Starfleet captains are autists or psychopaths.

"What do I know about needs and feelings? Well, I once had Guynan and Dr. Crusher over the bar at 10-Forward at the same time. Does that count?"
"I pay Counselor Boobies good money to keep feelings far, far away from me."
Herr Matthias
Useless background info: this is from "Code of Honor", quite possibly the most racist TNG episode ever. The planet they were on was supposedly inspired by tribal Africa, and for sensitivity reasons the original script called for the planet to be populated by a racially mixed cast. The director, Russ Mayberry, instead populated the planet with an all-black cast. He was fired by Gene Roddenberry over this decision.
i like useless information.

thank you

I don't know, there is always "Up the Long Ladder", which singlehandedly repopularized 18th century prejudices against the Irish:


Caminante Nocturno
Oh, no! Now my fanfictions are all inaccurate.
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