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Desc:The most painful auditions
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:simon, X Factor, fail, trying too hard, truth hurts
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Comment count is 19
5 stars for double slow-mo being used as a device of mockery by MAINSTREAM MEDIA.
Justin Dohrmann
I was curious if that was in the original clip or added post-Youtubing

wtf japan
Freddie Mercury and Meat Loaf.
wtf japan
Also Sharon Osbourne calling someone else's child "spoiled."

Rodents of Unusual Size
Schadenfreud Smorgasboard.
Rodents of Unusual Size
oh my, this is only part one...

the plank's fourth song choice was just too oblivious to be real, and yet he did it
I can't imagine how incredibly sick those four must be of hearing A Whole New World.

Everyone who ever has to audition male singers is sick to death of that song. It's one of the few songs a male singer with no talent or range can sound competent singing, and goddamn if they don't all know it.

I love these judges. They're even more brutal than the American Inventor folks.
Everything made me cringe, but I thought the meatloaf guy had some serious moves. A modern-day Chris Farley. I'd love to be at a dirty keg party with that guy when they bust out the karaoke.
Five for the last guy!

The urgently needing dentistry lady was amazing.
"Spoiled spoiled spoiled child."

Hit the nail on the head lady. Nice of her to confirm your assessment outside the judging room.

Speaking of confirming things, thanks go out to Scarf Lady for proving us all right about English teeth.
Fur is Murder
Personally, I think her parents spoiled that girl because she got made fun of at school for sounding like a bleating sheep when she sang.

Five stars for George W. Bush judging at the beginning.
Accents that aren't mine make all songs hilarious.
3:40 - Goronchev in a wig.
I hate these shows, but the auditions are, admittedly, worth it.
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