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Desc:on the bottom on the top
Tags:gay, bears, woof
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Comment count is 22
I think that bear might have been gay.
Real bears aren't gay. That was just a gay man dressed as a bear.

This is a documentary about the the bears of 1890's, do some research.

Real bears are even gayer. Trust me.

a flaming monkey
There's something oddly poetic about a big, gay furry chasing rednecks around in a forest.
Godard's Drinking Problem
It's just another hootfull of laughs at the Bill Engvall family reunion!
Timothy A. Bear
Tim Cubby
Redneck Horror Picture Show
This, I think I can safely say without being prejudice, is gay.
Bears are the funnest gay men on the planet.
Oh I GET IT the "rednecks" ARE in fact ***THEMSELVES*** HIRSUTE GAY MEN, or "bears", if you will.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Easiest five stars I've given this week.
j lzrd / swift idiot
I completely lost my shit when the music started.

Stick around for !:28.
Stick around for the entire thing because it is TERRIFIC!

Beyonce Knowles
Jesus Christ.
This is why the right is against the "Gay Agenda," which of course is the rape of heterosexual men.
Those hunters were totally asking for it. Did you see what they were wearing? Sluts.
This makes for some interesting Adsense...
by 2:00 I suddenly realized I wasn't even halfway through...wow
WOOF! x5!
I can not stop cracking up while watching this. there are not enough stars for this.
Beyonce Knowles
Attention Bear Force 1! This is how you do it.
Spastic Avenger
His mustache tickles momma!
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