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Desc:on the bottom on the top
Tags:gay, bears, woof
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Comment count is 22
jaunch - 2008-09-23
I think that bear might have been gay.
Cena_mark - 2008-09-24
Real bears aren't gay. That was just a gay man dressed as a bear.

HankFinch - 2008-09-24
This is a documentary about the the bears of 1890's, do some research.

Xiphias - 2008-09-24
Real bears are even gayer. Trust me.

a flaming monkey - 2008-09-23
There's something oddly poetic about a big, gay furry chasing rednecks around in a forest.
Godard's Drinking Problem - 2008-09-24
It's just another hootfull of laughs at the Bill Engvall family reunion!
Timothy A. Bear - 2008-09-24
Tim Cubby
Redneck Horror Picture Show
simon666 - 2008-09-24
This, I think I can safely say without being prejudice, is gay.
UnderANeonHalo - 2008-09-24
Bears are the funnest gay men on the planet.
KnowFuture - 2008-09-24
Oh I GET IT the "rednecks" ARE in fact ***THEMSELVES*** HIRSUTE GAY MEN, or "bears", if you will.
Rodents of Unusual Size - 2008-09-24
Easiest five stars I've given this week.
j lzrd / swift idiot - 2008-09-24
I completely lost my shit when the music started.

Stick around for !:28.
Camonk - 2008-09-24
Stick around for the entire thing because it is TERRIFIC!

Beyonce Knowles - 2008-09-24
Jesus Christ.
Cena_mark - 2008-09-24
This is why the right is against the "Gay Agenda," which of course is the rape of heterosexual men.
TeenerTot - 2008-09-24
Those hunters were totally asking for it. Did you see what they were wearing? Sluts.
rev.dinosaur - 2008-09-24
This makes for some interesting Adsense...
chumbucket - 2008-09-24
by 2:00 I suddenly realized I wasn't even halfway through...wow
xennui - 2008-09-24
WOOF! x5!
thatonegirl - 2008-09-24
I can not stop cracking up while watching this. there are not enough stars for this.
Beyonce Knowles - 2008-10-30
Attention Bear Force 1! This is how you do it.
Spastic Avenger - 2008-12-09
His mustache tickles momma!
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