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Desc:What happens to the brain when it's completely deprived of stimulation?
Category:Science & Technology, Educational
Tags:science, experiment, senses, sensory, deprivation
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Comment count is 14
Cube - 2008-09-19
You mean it's not normal to feel like that all the time?
petep - 2008-09-19
yeah, i mean i don't have fifty minutes to watch this but if nobody's around chances are i'm talking to myself and laughing at nothing and stumbling drunk sober

chumbucket - 2008-09-19
-1 star for not having a coffee deprivation test
simon666 - 2008-09-19
i awoke while camping once, in my tent in total blackness. i was pitched under a thick canopy of trees so there were no stars on the moonless night and i nearly shit myself until i turned on my head lamp. i lost all orientation, it was insane.

fuck 2 days.
RockBolt - 2008-09-19
When in an underground mine, there is usually no light other than your headlamp. One thing we tend to do on tours or with new hires is to have everyone turn their light off and experience complete and total darkness. I know of a few that were ok being underground but then totally lost their shit without the light and had to be taken topside.

takewithfood - 2008-09-19
I am so not an internet tough guy in any sense (if anything I'm just ignorant) but I really do think I'd be okay. 48 hours I could do. I don't think I could handle the white noise, but I could do silence. Also, I couldn't do indefinite deprivation, such as what those poor POWs and the like suffered.
CharlesSmith - 2008-09-19
Me too. I've spent so much of my life in my head ignoring the world around me I feel like I could probably do without the world for at least 48 hours.

Shion - 2008-09-20
White noise would scare the living daylights out of me. You'd have to peel me off the ceiling to get me out.

Cocheese - 2008-09-19
I spent 2 hours in an MRI machine and I came out a changed man. It felt like I was in there for 2 days.
KnowFuture - 2008-09-20
I think the world is now ready for a Trying To Sleep While Sober test.
Crucifried - 2008-09-20
I love to work in darkrooms. My ritual every time I work in one is to shut off my music, turn off all the lights, even the safelights, and sit in the middle of the room. I like to just kind of meditate, or sometimes just think about things, it's a nice way to relax.

My school had a darkroom that was completely lightproof. It was black, you could develop film in there. I worked into the morning usually, so I was afforded complete silence. One time, I finished early, I did my ritual. I sat there and all I could hear was the blood in my ears after a while. It grew until it was an enormous sound. And I sat there, wrapped in nothing and loudness.

When I stood up to leave, it was two and a half hours later. I felt like a newborn.

Am I insane for liking that?
Mad Struggle - 2008-09-20
Nah, it sounds cathartic. I myself sometimes do something similar. Zoning out and relaxing until I can feel my heartbeat moving through every inch of my skin.

All that aside, I really felt sorry for the falsely convicted prisoner and the POW. Sensory deprivation utterly ruined their lives and minds. The effects of just two days of it were frightening, sensory deprivation should be defined as a cruel and unusual punishment.

dorje - 2008-09-20
mun mtshams, dark retreat.

y'all are pansies.
Shion - 2008-09-20
LJ Time - In college I had to do mandatory hours of participation in psych experiments to get my degree. I was a test subject in computer control via brainwaves.

We were put in a sensory deprivation tank strapped to a reclining pilot-type chair with basically a pound of electrodes and coax glued to our heads, and stayed there until we managed to move a little cursor on a screen at a rate better than chance. I was usually in the tank for 2-4 hours at a stretch, and would always start having auditory hallucinations after about 15 minutes. Visual hallucinations after the first 1.5 hours. It was quite common to believe the size of the tank was changing drastically.

I only had to hit the panic button once, when I became absolutely convinced there was something very large and slippery in the tank with me. I usually found it relaxing otherwise. (But I can sit zazen for hours, so I might just be odd.)
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