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Desc:'Somebody didn't sh*t in the toilet, they shat on the toilet'
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:American, Movie Philosophy
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Comment count is 16
Wonko the Sane
This movie is good... but classic?
Godard's Drinking Problem
No honking question. I can (and have) watched this movie every year since my inaugural view. My only sadness comes from Submitted: Cena_Mark.

This film is a great inspiration to me. Perhaps not classic, but "cult classic." Its classic in the sense that it quickly becomes a favorite of most people I recommend it to.
Godard, why so disappointed that I like this film? I'm just more nuanced than you assumed.

Because like a corpse in a pond, your very presence taints anything you make yourself a part of.

Still, good clip.

erection reset by queer
"Classic Movies" is the only category for movies.

Frank Rizzo
"shat" is a word?
What, you thought "shitted" was?

Hey buddy, I shat my bed...

Frank Rizzo
No sir, you "shittered your bed"

I need to rewatch this.
I walked into a gas station bathroom once and indeed a turd was draped across the toilet seat. The really weird part was there was a pair of blue briefs on the floor in the corner, I didn't examine them but they looked worn but not shitty. It was weird.
Oh man, something like this happened to the brother of a friend of mine, but it was a Dillard's dressing room and it was apparently like a three pound pile of shit and a lot of spatter on the walls.
I used to know a lady that worked at a gas station who got fired for beating a customer with a baton they kept behind the counter because she checked the bathroom after he was in it for a long time and he'd written all over the walls with poop.

A wonderful film.
dude drops science
I like this, but I cannot bring myself to rate it.
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