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Desc:There's lots of good stuff, Couric just edited it out.
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:editing, election 2008, palin, Couric
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Comment count is 20
Gwen Ifill edited out Sarah Palin's good answers in the debate.

And how hilarious is it that she used her closing statement in her only debate to say that she wasn't interesting in talking through "the media filter". As opposed to the unfiltered Hannity and Hewitt.

Gwen Ifill wrote a book about Obama. It'll be released the day of the next president's inauguration. Someone with such a financial stake in Obama should not have been moderating the debate.

You're right, Cena. She is first and foremost an author. That twenty year career as a journalist and broadcaster is just something she does on the side.

cena you are a bumbling redneck faggot who obviously didn't watch the debate

Somebody who's been a journalist for 20 years, would know better than to do anything like this that would threaten her reputation as an objective journalist. And yet she wrote the book, and nobody cares about it. Nobody cares about objectivity anymore.

Do you think she was unfair in moderating the debate: Yes or No?
Because if not then how the hell is it remotely relevant?

Also, unless you don't watch or support Fox News, I'm quite sure that complaint about objectivity is a complete farce.

I watch both CNN and Fox News. I don't really have a preference. And I listen to News Talk radio and NPR. I'm balanced and objective, I've even taken journalism course at college. I know what what it means to be objective. I'm not saying that Ifill was out of line, but in the name of objectivity should have declined the position.

Maybe that's true. But both McCain and Obama knew about the book for months, and both agreed that she'd be fine.

Seeing as no one is alleging that she was biased in the debate, its a complete non-issue. Reporters can have personal preferences and opinions, as long as they act in an fair manner. That's what objectivity is.

"I'm balanced and objective, I've even taken journalism course at college." - Also this is hilarious.

Okay you're right I am not balanced and objective, but I do seek out my news from both sides... I just happen to be with the good guys.
Your argument is so clear and non attacking that I won't even call you Irish(insert name of sissy alcoholic beverage). Good show IrishWhiskey.

that you call one side "the good guys" means you've never taken a journalism course or failed it so miserably as to have the teacher mock you publicly.

Also; watching O'RLY on Fox and glen beck on CNN doesn't make you balanced, you cum stain on the dirty boxers of humanity.

whoa easy guys he took journalism courses in college

Listen Solblow. You don't know me at all. I hate Glen Beck and I hate Orielly. Unlike most people I know the difference between news and commentary. Those guys are not news they're commentary.
Yeah I called my side the "good guys" but I never did it while in class. So I got A's in that shit.

You're not stupid, Cena. I'm sure you do know the difference between news and commentary. But all Fox News is about is blurring the distinction between the two. I don't know how you can claim you watch it when this is all they're capable of.


Fortunately for us, this perpetual whining about the media is hurting Republicans dearly. We'll probably see a two hour uncut version of these interviews released with Couric's blessing and various assholes can cut up their own version that makes Palin look amazing, thus furthering the trend for Republicans to further insulate themselves in their own media deprivation tanks where nothing questionable ever happens and life is an endless war that we will win, win, win.

cena, we know by your -highly- creative insults, and your love of pro wrestling, that you're still in jr. high and have never taken ANY college courses.

You idiotic waste of carbon and water

j lzrd / swift idiot
Seriously Billy Buttsex, I want my oxygen back.

This is the great benefit of being a Republican. It is always someone else's fault.
lol america
9/11 inside job expose the truth
Caminante Nocturno
Suggesting something in a way only a coward can.
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