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Desc:it was 500 pages, it took forever.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:Public Access, christians, trolling, call-in program
Submitted:Daniel Striped Tiger
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Comment count is 14
Oh god hahahahha

+ 1,000,000 for casually throwing in "Super Nintendo"
Mayberry Pancakes
"Did you get the King James version?"
"Yeah, I got the Rick James version."

I don't think he was trolling. The guy sounded like he had an honest misunderstanding.
Cena_mark, at first I thought you were just another "I'm a Republican" troll, or maybe even a Republican. But lately I have come to appreciate the genius in your schtick, and so these stars are for you.

Thanks presentbot (you've been upgraded from pastbot) I appreciate the what you have to say about the various discussion points I bring up for these videos.
BTW: I must correct you. I never said I was a Republican. I am a Libertarian voting for a Republican presidential candidate this year. I never even voted for Bush. In 2004 I voted Badnarik.


Of course he was kidding you fucking jackass.

Frank Rizzo
"your county school of.......... church"
That's some good, quick thinking on the caller's part.

The guy came out with the gun? Maybe it wasn't a gun, maybe it was a rock I dunno, but it was awesome.

The caller sounds like my cousin, lol.
King of Balls
I also have a cousin named lol, and he sounds just like this guy!

(That was a dumb joke and I shouldn't have said it.)


this could have been much much funnier and it wouldn't have been very hard at all.
Honest Abe
you are the worst thing here

"The book of Genesis?"
"The one after that. Super Nintendo."

If that doesn't make you laugh, you have no soul.

Pure beauty.
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