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Desc:at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation dinner
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:roast, mccain, obama, Alfred E. Smith, doomed
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Comment count is 22
That was good.

I really would love to see 3:38 on played at a Palin rally, though.
My partisan bias made me not want to watch that - or give McCain the benefit of the doubt.

I'm glad I did - the ending was really great.

I wish I could have heard what had Hillary cracking up, though.
It was my favorite joke of his set: "I'm surrounded by New York Democrats, but I have the sneaking suspicion that a couple of you are secretly pulling for me. I'd I'd just like to say 'Thanks, Hillary!'"

Here's a paraphrase:

"When I look out into this audience, I can't help but feel like there are some of you who are really pulling for me. I'm glad to see you, Hillary."

Dammit, citrusmirakel.

Type faster next time!

And five.
Where has this McCain been?

He should host the revamped "Half Hour News Hour".
he's been hog-tied and gagged by the Republican Presidential Campaign mode of operation. I remember this McCain, glad to see he still lives.
This was refreshing to watch by the way. If only politics could be like this everyday.

McCain has had an incredible couple days. That fuck.
It's because he's given up. It makes him free.

Moustache McGillicuddy
that old guy in the back is just enjoying his dinner, and he very much does not care for jokes.
Yeah he was the best part. He was farting around with his dinner and the table settings through the whole event.

at least he wasn't doing peace-signs, mouthing hi-moms, or giving googley-eyes

THIS is the old McCain that I actaully kind of liked, back in the day. It makes me sad to think that he's going to turn back into an ogre after midnight.

obama's roast was quite funny too, mccain's almost sounded like a concession speech at some points.
It's amazing to compare this McCain, who is funny, affable and clever, to the grumpy, spiteful, unfunny tool who showed up to the debates.

We really need a thing where Sarah Palin, gun in hand, is confronted by the two McCains, and has to decide which one to shoot.

Well, maybe not her, she'd keep the evil one.
Personally, I've always thought that McCain was a far superior replacement for Bush, and in that sense, we can't lose.

The problem is that McCain has given up just about all of his original values just to secure the republican vote. We see his good side when he's pushing back his supporters when they yell slurs.

It seems like it would be much more fun to have McCain as your grandpa at a wedding than Obama as your uncle. Too bad America is not getting married anytime soon.
I think this is kind of disgusting. I don't consider the issues to be decided this election are a joking matter.

I know. I'm a big buzz kill.
If he was doing like Bush and pretending to look under tables for WMDs, I'd agree. But Ayers, celebrity and other stuff was a joke from the very beginning.

Dinkin Flicka
Is it me or does Hillary look like Ashley Tisdale in both this and the other roast. Has this been said before? What happened to her?
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