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Desc:Not since Slingblade has there been an easier voice to do.
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:David Letterman, Late Show, tina fey, Sarah Palin, You Betcha
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Comment count is 20
goddamn tina fey's hot
And talented. And funny. But she still won't write me back. So I think she must be gay.

I saw her first!


She's really really short. Very tiny. I worked on a set with her and towered over like a rape monster. It was awkward becasue her personality makes her seem like a towering goddess of some kind.

Tiny fey?

Mayberry Pancakes
"Very tiny"? She's 5'4. I'm not even 5'2, you gigantic rape-monstering freak.

She not only has the voice, but the vacant uncomprehending stare. It's eerie.

Her legs. Holy jeeez.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
She's short? Cool, it'll look big in her tiny hands.


She just looks tiny compared to her personality is all I meant. 5'4 isn't that short but it's short. I'm 6'2 so I guess I'm kinda tall.

Dude it doesn't matter; she's totally gay. Which is AWESOME.

Tuan Jim
I heard baleen towers over Mayberry pancakes like some sort of towering rape monster.

Syd Midnight
Mayberry, 5'4" is tiny.. 5'2" and under is "elven" which is hotter, so don't stress it. Just always carry a knife.

Anything under 5'8 is wee.

What do you do, baleen?
I want to work on a set with Tina Fey
wtf japan
He's a professional makeup artist. Stay in school, kids!

Rodents of Unusual Size
Can't you make a lot of money doing that sort of thing? Aestheticians make more than people think.

wtf japan
Prostitutes and drug lords make a lot of money too. I kid, though. It's a perfectly respectable profession, and there just aren't enough gay "aestheticians" out there these days.

Lost in the Corn Maze is probably the best metaphor ive ever heard to describe the Palin experience
Can someone explain this "Slingblade" thing I keep hearing?
Some folks call it a sling blade, I call it a kaiser blade.

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