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Desc:Caught on home security camera.
Category:News & Politics, Pets & Animals
Tags:dog, Police, Gun, Cop, Oklahoma
Submitted:Dinky Patterson
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Comment count is 15
Where does she live, a warehouse?
j lzrd / swift idiot
Wow. He didn't even flinch. Wow. WOW. It's just "Dog approaches, dog is dead." I like to imagine that every time a cat rubs up on his ankle, he shoots the cat. Holy fucking Bad Humanity, Batman.
I guess she had cause to shoot the cop for approaching her then.
Goethe and ernie
I hate dogs, so I can't say I'm too upset.
Corman's Inferno
Give him a break, lady! It's illegal for Grady County officers to have rolled-up newspapers in the squad car. The gun was his only deterrent!
Binro the Heretic
What a prick.

Poor Bruiser.
"Hi, I was looking for the local..."

Side-step, BLAM!

"...anyways, I was looking for the local post office. Is it just down this street? Damn Yahoo maps."
"The dog was about to attack!"

"I have it on tape"

".... shit"
"I'm sorry lady but I had to shoot your dog."

"Oh no! Was he mad?"

"Well, he wasn't too happy!"
comment :)
video of dog happy to see someone and getting shot :(

wtf japan
Take the equivalent of the life of this dog out of this man's flesh.
Hahaha, I live in Pontotoc County, which shares a border with Blanchard County. People LOVE to kill and mutilate animals around here, particularly deer.

It's the most popular state pastime. Well, second to meth production.
He could have easily used a mirror, a drumstick, and some gum to avoid that dog.

"I feel like Bruiser has to have a voice." Give me a fucking break.
Still, bad redneck pig, no pension.
What kind of a deputy has to stop and ask for directions in the county he works in.
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