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TinManic - 2008-10-24

if they were better adapted to not suck in every possible situation then perhaps their conservation wouldn't have to be funded by manatee molesters.

baleen - 2008-10-25

molest the weak. good philosophy.
manatee numbers have been increasing, and some people are petitioning that they be taken off the endangered list and added to the threatened list, which is good, I guess.

TinManic - 2008-10-25

you know... when most marine animals hear a motor boat coming they dive or otherwise get out of the way. not the manatee! so fucking magical and gentle!

dur durr durr i'm a manatee! durr durr durr

baleen - 2008-10-25

TinMagic: hater of animals.
You have proven yourself a man today, sir.

buttnutt - 2008-10-25

and why do dear run into the street when cars are coming?

facek - 2008-10-25

At least deer know how to fuck enough to make up for their stupidity.

wtf japan - 2008-10-25

This is the best argument ever.

joffe b - 2008-10-25

You live in the ocean cause you ain't got no job!

wtf japan - 2008-10-24

Wow, the captions are hilarious. Manatees have a groin?

waxeater - 2008-10-25

These people are clearly douches, but the captions are just A TAD OVERLY DRAMATIC.

TeenerTot - 2008-10-25

I thought it was a felony to harass an endangered animal?

baleen - 2008-10-25

I wrote the lady who took the video. These groups are brought into Crystal River under the guise of "education."

Rudy - 2008-10-27

I... have cuttlefish?

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