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Desc:At a 1985 press conference.
Category:Business, Arts
Tags:Amiga, blondie, andy warhol, press conference, sarcasm
Submitted:Jeff Fries
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Comment count is 21
Damn she was hot.
Thatcher Pennywhistle
That's actually not true.

Jeff Fries
If you don't look at her face and imagine the rest

Only an Amiga could make Debbie Harry look hot.

King of Balls
Are you guys kidding?? Have you not seen Videodrome? Jesus, she was hot even BEFORE she burned her tits with a cigarette and nagged James Woods to suicide.

Tom Collins
"Are you ready to paint me?"

"At this point, I can sign my name on anything."
That Andy could whore and still maintain his integrity either relates to his strong character or his weak artistry.

What say you?
Timothy A. Bear
Some whores have better paying clients than others.

In Andy's defense, it was an Amiga... at the time, a machine worthy of whoring one's self.

Jeff Fries
Notice how he was being a huge dick

A huge, rich, depraved dick...

Thatcher Pennywhistle
Whorhal. His death is within earshot at this point.

Doctor Frederick Odd
And now the only thing getting drawn in Amigas is furry skunk porn.

Andy made whoring art, in a very real way.

Holy fuck. I always thought andy warhol was a dude.

Dont hit me.
This man died before he could use KidPix. :-(
If only he'd lived to see Wacom tablets.
I think those glasses are sold in the Barbie aisle, now.
Andy wharol wouldn't cut it nowadays. Blondie would.
Tom Collins
He talked about how mass culture dilutes meaning. He's already won the art game.

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