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Desc:an idea for a new movie hoping to become an ideator
Category:Horror, Horror
Tags:michael j fox emmet brown Lloyd delorean jason voo
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Comment count is 11
You're an interesting guy, stamodo. May Hollywood tremble in your wake.
This guy's blog is a one of the greatest things I've ever seen on the internet. It's refined, purified schizophrenia and\or autism in a easy to navigate interface.
I'm pretty sure the dude submitting these is actually him.

That or someone doing an amazing impresonation

agreed on the blog, one excerpt will tell you enough:

"Gregory knows that the aliens will come back to take him and the book back to Vlausmhar and for this reason he is studying to start a new experiment. The word "Age Spinner SZilard" a special fluid that goes over the clonation...a liquid...is closed inside the secret book.
Gregory wilsoon thinks about the planet Gliese 436 b..the misterious water world discovered by NASA
What does that planet hide???????"

I like this and am in favor of everything about it.

But what did I just watch?
November 21, 2006! Of course! That was the night I was hanging a picture while standing on my toilet, the porcelain was wet, I slipped and hit my head, and when I awoke I had a vision of THIS
It would have been 5 stars if he played WASP the whole time.
This "ideator" is either so advanced that it is beyond my comprehension or stamodo is one of the biggest trolls ever.
Herr Matthias
Now I want Doctorlegua to register an account here, dammit
Here's to making me look up "plutomolus" and finding a link to another one of his pitches.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Needs an 'autastic' tag.
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