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Desc:Egypt Unique Moustache Association
Tags:Jews, Hitler, egypt, moustache, magical realism
Submitted:Daniel Striped Tiger
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Comment count is 13
My first question would have been: "Wouldn't wearing a humiliating hat be easier?"
I am disappointed that they respect Hitler and his mustache. Its horrible to respect Hitler, but its okay to respect his mustache, because his mustache was innocent.
the tight camouflage shirt takes this over the top
the 0:22 explosion of laughter gives this an instant 5
Godard's Drinking Problem
My god, there really aren't enough stars for the "magical realism" tag.
Ur doing it wrong.
I have had the Lemmy and a Van Buren, but this shit is always nuts to see and impossible to understand exactly why anyone would want to look like that. Everyday. All day.
I am without words.
Does your moustache ever...hurt you?
Sister's fault
What is this? Enough with that.
"Eh, his mustache was okay, but the way he exterminated Jews was awesome!"
Pie Boy
That was the fashion back then.
Spastic Avenger
Check out the series of ethnic caricatures behind the hitler loving moustache owner.
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