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Desc:goddamn it nature
Category:Nature & Places, Horror
Tags:Spider, horror, frog, venom, om nom nom
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Comment count is 15
spiders wouldn't be so horrifying if they stopped using such diabolical means to catch food
National geo has the absolute fucking worst narration and scripting of any nature programming other than Marty Stouffer's Wild America.
"This spider is no normal spider, it lives in Africa." Go fuck yourself National Geographic, you dumb dummy.
it's the same guy who narrates "Worlds dumbest partiers 2"

Doctor Arcane
Wait, SPIDERS, IN AFRICA? OMG. Next you'll tell me they have spiders in Australia.

Yeah, the amount of smug douchebaggery and failed jokes by whoever does the National Geographic videos seriously makes this hard to enjoy.

Three stars for a "why nature why" moment though.

Rating this video is sort of a conundrum. I'd give it 5 for frog-eating-spider any day, but my opinion of the video is lowered by the dumbass narrator. However, I would probably at least 4 a video that was focused on the inane musings of a semi-racist wildlife narrator, but the fact that the footage is so good makes that less cheesy, and less worthy of a high rating.

what do do!

ah, fall in and rate it three stars I guess.

You fancy-pants fucking assholes with your ivory tower british presenters or whatever. Just cause this guy doesn't talk like he flourishes a pinky when feeding crumpets to the Queen's corgy doesn't mean he's stupid. How many spiders have YOU known from Africa?

Yeah, I thought so.

wtf japan
I'll let you climb my ivory tower, Camonk.

froggy noooo
Insects eating anything other than other bugs freaks me the fuck out.

Mainly cause their usual method of eating things is either liquefying it or holding it immobile while they deliberately take many, many small bites.

Neither of which is my preferred method of dying.

See also: Lions ripping into animal guts while animal is still kicking.
slurp slurp lick schlorp
Lauritz Melchior
"This isn't your average spider. FIRST of all it lives in Africa!
Second of all it isn't satisfied with just insects."
im a dasein
There are fishing spiders in America too.


The link says 2.5 inches in length, but that is actually kinda small. If you live near water like I do, they oftentimes get into the house. I have caught fishing spiders that could seriously cover my face (yes, like in Alien) just hanging out in my kitchen, on the wall above my bed, the shower, pretty much anywhere that you might be vulnerable or distracted. Sweet dreams.
Big Beef Burritos Supreme
The sooner our cyborg bodies are ready, the sooner we can live in the safe, cold vacuum of dead space.
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