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Desc:A collection of He-Man PSAs trying to make kids paranoid
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Educational
Tags:He-Man, PSA
Submitted:Dr. Lobotomy
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Even more outtakes from Bill the fishing guy.
Comment count is 30
"In today's story i did something."
"...drugs don't make your problems go away..they just create more." Man, He-Man used to be a junkie.
I like the way he looked away when he mentioned that drugs just create more problems.

Yeah, it's telling how he avoids eye contact at that point.

They're aren't any magic drugs, said the man on the talking green cat.
Believe in yourself, drink your school, stay in drugs, and don't do milk
Man-At-Arms looks, sounds, and talks like a young Dr. Wallace Breen.
Gamara II
This has made me re-evaluate life. Somehow along my path to adulthood I lost my way
Always remember: safety first, as I leap away on a giant mutant tiger.
There's crossing guards in Eternia?
the redhead was adopted by the penis-helet guy. i don't remember anything about this show.nice wink
I'm glad He-Man is around to assure he time travel is fake. Also, what kind of kid drives a car?
Yes He Man, I know lots of people that try to shoot me with a laser gem. WHAT
Orko is completely intolerable
doc duodenum
What happened to He-Man's forearms? They're Rob Liefeldian in proportion.
Emphasizing safety: his cat wears a helmet.
"Someone might loose an eye" "But that IS the joke"
Dummy Rum
The more you know...
The guy who uses a magic sword to become superstrong tells us not to take the easy way.
Janusian Soul
No kidding. Skeletor works pretty hard to bring down He Man.

j lzrd / swift idiot
Think twice before playing a joke or a trick on anybody, do what is right Dr Freeman. Serve mankind.
Mayberry Pancakes
He-Man taught me to not sneak out at night!
I was lucky. Nothing happened to me. BUT IT COULD HAVE
Teela: Survivor of the Abortion Holocaust
Rodents of Unusual Size
I'm enlightened. I will never try to time travel, accept magic potions, or do anything but run EVER
2:41 -- I swear to Yog those two chicks were going to lock lips.
Was the lesson about exercise aimed at children or fourty year olds ?
I love the way he says "Know what it was?" I kept expecting him to make a cock joke.
I wanna know what makes Skeletor's bones so flexible that he can raise his browbone in shock and terror....I wish He-Man explained THAT.
'Daddy, Orco told me to ask you if it's okay to drink this bottle of chlorine bleach."
"Ask your mother.
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