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Desc:over 8 minutes of the best clips from the 1996 comedy masterwork
Category:Classic Movies, Horror
Tags:tom arnold, Ugh, the stupids
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Comment count is 28
mountain dew insimination
How did they manage to sire two children? By following the film's rationale they should at least be having anal sex exclusively.
These stars are for chinese actors everywhere, forced to milk as much as they can from their chinese waiter roles.
I can't believe I watched the whole clip.
mountain dew insimination
I can't believe I watched all of Benjamin Button, either.

I survived 2 minutes

These stars are for the shoddy editing at :48 seconds momentarily giving me hope that there would be an oblique reference to "Garbage Day".
Indeed, that very second I was all geared up for a GARBAGE DAY moment. Couldn't watch longer than two minutes after that disappointment.

This looks fucking terrible; all stars are for the only on-screen version I've ever seen of "I'm My Own Grandpa."
This is still better than all the "movie" movies.
B. Weed
No Christopher Lee? No Bob Keeshan?
bakune young

Maybe I'm just tired, but I'm pretty sure I spotted Kevin Spacey and Casper van Diem or whatever the hell that guy's last name is. I'm probably just tired.

bakune young
think about it.
This is a glorious movie.
Jeff Fries
It was a pretty amazing year for Tom Arnold - Big Bully, Carpool, and this.
mountain dew insimination
I wish I hadn't blown my star wad early I would have given them to you.

I realize it's right there in the title of the movie, but I still had no idea.
This movie is really not that bad.
Jeff Fries
They left out "In the name of the Lloyd", a line I try not to use in public

B. Weed
To be honest, my husband and I liked it better than Austin Powers when we rented the two and watched them back-to-back (though I don't know if that makes The Stupids especially good so much as Austin Powers was rather disappointing).

Rodents of Unusual Size
Directed by Ralph Wiggum.
This movie did not deserve the scorn it got. It really works by being stupid on every conceivable level, and for that, it's a work of art, even down to the orchestrated soundtrack.
Thanks Hollywood for wrecking another favorite book from my childhood.
Honestly, this was just as funny as any Ben Stiller vehicle.
mountain dew insimination
hahaah, did anyone see the Family Guy where he flapped his ears and flew off into the sunset? I hate Family Guy but that was really funny.

Automatic five stars for porkpie hats.
i want manbush on a Tshirt shouting "i am the worlds greatest wonder"

just so people have the pleasure of veiwing it completyely out of context.
Stanley Stupid needs a gigantic porn 'stache, like in the books.
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