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Desc:Time lapse of the same spot over the course of a year
Category:Nature & Places
Tags:time lapse, one year
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Comment count is 18
Looks great in HD.

I have thought about doing this and wondered about how to get the same shot. This guy used a fence and got great results for such a simple solution.
Reading further, it seems there's a script in PS to align a stack of photos like this. Nice.

needed a more interesting year, or location
Johnny Madhouse
I rather liked how peaceful it was. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

Also, I wonder how did this guy chose when to take his daily shot. Did he just wait for the light to reach about the same level as usual, or did he have some kind of formula worked out using his trusty Farmer's Almanac?

Something that might be fun to try would be a year of sunsets.


I agree with SoRo. It should have taken place in the world of the Matrix, and in the middle Neo walks across and he's like "Time is nothing, only a dream." Then he has a slow motion 360 fight with an alder.

I'm surprised no one's done this in a single subway train car.

It must suck to live in a place where everything looks dead for about a third of the year. Evergreens FTW.
mountain dew insimination
I moved from central New York state to Texas. I can only go west from here if I don't stay, I'm never going back to winter.

I love winter it's my favourite time of year.

the fact that you spell favorite "favourite" probably means you're from a place that has shitty weather 3/4th of the year anyway.

or just a pretentious gothy american who would prefer winter

mountain dew insimination
Or you guys are jaded nerd assholes who hated your mothers.

i like my mom

but the rest is true

You mean the fact that I spelt favourite correctly?

And it's more like 5/8ths.

Man Who Fights Like Woman
Saw the end coming.
Aw crap, I looked away and completely missed fall.

big pincers
neat, but I wish it had a higher fps
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