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Desc:After much searching, I found another video featuring the kid from 'Enter the Dragon'.
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Fashion
Tags:sex, retard, whip, enter the dragon, scumstache
Submitted:Ben Richards
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Comment count is 21
Elvis Hitler
This has to be in Florida.
Frank Rizzo
why not Sorth Carolina?



Frank Rizzo
thats a fuckin mazda, damn well needs gloves

Frank Rizzo

Frank Rizzo
that guy was a fuckin jew ya heard

Frank Rizzo
just waitin

Frank Rizzo
ite waht ever

Frank Rizzo
ok more

Frank Rizzo
there is nore limite to how many replies

Frank Rizzo
im going to assassinate _______

Looks almost exactly like Plant City. Even that name creeps me out.

Thanks for the spam, Frank.

King of Balls
The Dragon is Frank Rizzo. Has to be.

Also, this city is in Maryland. Fact.

Ben Richards
He is from Maryland. I'm planning a trip to Maryland to find this guy, it will be good times.

Knew people like this growing up. Went to a jr. high that was sandwiched between two trailer parks and a government housing project.
His vote cancels your vote.
He don voht. Twice.

Mike Tyson?!
Where is the first video?
Mike Tyson?!

Ben Richards
The sex and retard tags link, the other one doesn't have an Enter the Dragon tag, but that's the title of the video.

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