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Desc:He died in 1994; master of a lost art.
Category:Stunts, Arts
Tags:slingshot, Rufus Hussey, beanshooter
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Comment count is 19
oh man I hope he carried it around in the back pocket of his overalls
wtf japan
Reminds me of my grandfather. Shot a bat out of the evening sky.
that's a man right there
I will begin my pilgrimage to learn from this man immediately, if he will accept me as his student.
Looks like you'll be needing a shovel.

Your first lesson under his tutelage will be "read the description of the video"

Caminante Nocturno
You will have to learn from his master, an impossibly ancient man who spends his days shooting cans on a mountaintop.

How do cans end up on top of a mountain?

The mountain was formed by spent slingshot rounds after decades of practice.

Goofy Gorilla
It's not really a lost art. There's still plenty of slingshot squirrel hunters from Lumpkin to Rockdale counties last I checked. He is real good, though.
his professed lack of a telephone makes me wonder if this interview really was initiated by driving a van up to his house and asking him if he wasn't the man with the slingshot
Am I incorrect in thinking you could pretty handily knock a guy out with one of those?
wtf japan
Ever read the Bible?

That's not a slingshot, you boob! It's a SLING, you put a bigass rock in it and swing it around your head. You could cold-cock a cow with one of those.

wtf japan
And Goliath was a member of the Anakhim--a gigantic race of heroic men descendant from the angelic Nephilim, who lay with the daughters of men. By scientific analogy, the less forceful slingshot should be able to knock out a man (Mark 87).

Mark, Cena. "Bible Science: Moabites, Hittites, and Hermaphrodites." Pasadena: Chick Publications, 2002.

i like how he only hits 80s-style pepsi cans with the slingshot
It helps to actually be in the 80s.

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