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Desc:Creepy Nigerime. Thank you, Nollywood.
Category:Humor, Cartoons & Animation
Tags:african, Nigeria, Nollywood, uru
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Comment count is 12
So where's Larry Koldsweat?

(this is actually pretty nice looking. I had imagined that Nollymation would be a lot ....looser. The voice work is about what I imagined.)

At the end he lists all the software he used. I think he pretty much took Poser art and applied ten trillion layers to it to make it look organic.

voice track recorded in a phone booth
It's funny, because googling this took me to a forum where one of the creators hangs out and he pretty much expressly said "the biggest issue we have right now is the voice recording."

No fucking shit, cowboy.

This is so good it's good.
Individual frames of this look pretty good.

In motion, not so much.
Guh, cheetah face thing is unpleasant.
Just needs to look and sound a little bit better and they'd have a product for the international market.

I mean, if Beast Wars can get on the air...
Beast Wars was also twelve years ago. That shit was cutting edge in its heyday.

5 stars for the audio being better than I expected.
Pretty neat, despite its flaws.
Rodents of Unusual Size
It looks very video game-ish.

5 stars for surprise Skeletor.
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