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Desc:The one second ad that aired during the Super Bowl.
Tags:Superbowl, short and sweet, Miller, high life
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Comment count is 17
If you are going to sell me something, this is the way to do it. Maybe throw some boobs in.
Yeah I'm not gonna drink that crap? But next time in the market for crappy beer, I'll buy this. Maybe? Still, the least obnoxious commercial... EVER

This is the greatest television ad of all time
So what that run them?
$800 per millisecond (if it's in color and has sound)

Don't forget the cost of the big campaign they launched around it so that everyone would know it was coming.

I want this to be the future of advertisement
There's nothing good that could come from blipverts.

Busby Berkeley
Where's my Milwaukee tag?
I may just have to drop $5 on a 12 pack of high life now.
This is revolutionary.
I had this idea well over a decade ago, I'm kind of happy to see it finally happen. The next step is a series of different one second ads aired in succession. Give it another decade... it'll happen.
Busby Berkeley
Blipverts from Max Headroom


"Master Lock, which had already made the image of a padlock shot by a sharpshooter into a lasting advertising image with their ad in the Super Bowl in 1974, incorporated that video image, along with its logo, in a one-second-long television commercial in 1998.[1]"

astropod five
I was happy about it too, at first, then I realized what several minutes worth of randomly-shouted product names and flashing colors would look like.

"[Blipverts] had the side-effect of causing the nervous systems of 'particularly lazy, petulant viewers' to overload and their heads to explode."

Thanks, wikipedia!

Is 2 seconds.
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