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Desc:You all SUCK.
Category:Advertisements, News & Politics
Tags:advertisements, Hillary Clinton, Forever Leather, paid programming, salesmanship
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Comment count is 21
Aelric - 2009-02-03
Now come buy a fuckin' jacket, you mooks!
Chancho - 2009-02-03
He might want to buy a tailored suit that fits him.
Caminante Nocturno - 2009-02-03
Uncle Sal complains about politics a lot, but he's usually not offensive enough to cause any problems.

He's not going to offend your parents, I swear.

My mom promises to keep him from getting drunk.

Sure, I'll stop complaining about you inviting your two creepy friends.

Well, I mean, they're just so...
RoyCastle - 2009-02-03
what is an "ecaaanomy"?
grimcity - 2009-02-03
What's going on here? It looks like a commercial, but the guy was about to list the names of sponsors? Does old guy do a show from his leather jacket store and just discuss random shit or what?
poopskin - 2009-02-03
I don't know but I would love to work there.

Rovin - 2009-02-03
They probably bought a block of time - half hour or hour, maybe - from one of their local affiliate channels.

IrishWhiskey - 2009-02-03
The man's got a point.
MongoMcMichael - 2009-02-03
"I'm not going to bad-mouth, but I'm going to bad-mouth!"
Menudo con queso - 2009-02-03
I'm not gonna badmouth but I'm gonna badmouth.
Menudo con queso - 2009-02-03
I looooose. Guess I'll just get back to doin' nothin' for upstate New Yawk.

MongoMcMichael - 2009-02-03
The Indiana/New York rivalry continues!

KnowFuture - 2009-02-03
So somewhere in this, there's a commercial for something?

boner - 2009-02-03
Never tell this guy that he's funny. Trust me.
HankFinch - 2009-02-03
This summer - Hillary Clinton IS Forever Leather!


(An explosion of blue flame and Rap-Metal starts playing)
Xiphias - 2009-02-03
I really want a leather jacket, now.
Rudy - 2009-02-03
I really want this guy to run New York.

Dib - 2009-02-03
If I lived in New York, I would shop there.

Sean Robinson - 2009-02-03
This is my favourite Songsmith video.
Hooper_X - 2009-02-03
All of the related videos are either grainy handicam shots of this guy doing stuff on TV or gay leather pants SFW fetish material.

Somehow, I find this entirely adequate.
UnderANeonHalo - 2009-02-03
If he sells chaps and I'm in NY then this man has a customer.
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