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Desc:Soulja Boy Takes Us On A Magical Voyage Through His Life.
Category:Humor, Horror
Tags:black people, performance art, Soulja Boy, offsetting the civil rights movement
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The Mothership
He po' walks sometimes too, so it hasn't completely gone to his head.
This is fan fucking tastic. I love that he has EXACTLY ONE PIECE OF ART on the wall of his suburban McMansion, and I think it came with the house. There's no photos, no pictures, nothing.

This will make things a lot easier when he completely blows through his advance and goes into foreclosure.
That is the blandest mansion home I have ever seen. Shouldn't there be chalices and gold-plated, diamond-studded mirrors everywhere? Shouldn't the bed be made from John Merrick's bones? "Rich nigga shit" apparently means a cozy two story house in a nice subdivision with big metal mailbox clusters for the whole street.

Helena Handbasket
He DOES have a Segway. Do YOU have a Segway?

It's in Southwest Atlanta, and if it's where I think it is, he's living on a one and a half acre lot with a middle manager at Coke/Delta/UPS/Turner/whatever on one side and a reasonably successful lawyer on the other. Both of them undoubtedly hate him.

Yeah, he's a fucking baller, alright.

If had spinning rims and diamond-crusted handlebars on his Segway, I'd be impressed. As it is, he looks like GOB Bluth forgot to button his pants.

Also: Since he gave out his email like six times, would it be a violation of the PD to invite Soulja Boy to come to POETV? That would be goddamned excellent.
DO IT. i can already hear the flame-jousting.

He's like a living Chappelle show sketch.
the bathrobe.

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