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Dicknuts - 2009-02-11

gor blimey at's orrible

Frank Rizzo - 2009-02-12

econded mate

oh bollocks +1 for "oh grandpa" tag

The Townleybomb - 2009-02-11

Lemme guess-- Kelly's played by some actress nobody's ever heard of and they have synchronized swimmers.

DrVital - 2009-02-12

Who would have thought they would have possibly revived The Brady Bunch Hour as a show template?

This won't last long, I think.

Udderdude - 2009-02-11

Can you hear that? It's the sound of the last remanents of western culture sinking into the abyss.

IrishWhiskey - 2009-02-12

Its like they come up shows with a Mad-Libs book:

Its the Osbournes meets the Brady Bunch Hour!
Its Paris Hilton meets Green Acres!
Its Jeffrey Dahmer meets Bewitched!

boner - 2009-02-12

They just make shows based on the Family Guy random premise generator.

dementomstie - 2009-02-12

the manatees are running the network

Prickly Pete - 2009-02-12

"Gee, this is worse than the Osbourne family variety show!"

Yeah, I could see that...

IrishWhiskey - 2009-02-11

I've always wanted to see the Osbourne kids working at a fast-food joint. Just, not while on a TV show.

Prickly Pete - 2009-02-12

I don't think I get the title. Do they have guns now?

kingarthur - 2009-02-12

That's right, five stars for the decline of Western civilization.

Severian - 2009-02-12

I don't think there are enough drugs in the universe to make this watchable.

RomancingTrain - 2009-02-12

Dear Fox,
Please make reality show spin-off worse than I Love New York.
Me, a month ago.

Hooper_X - 2009-02-12

Kelly Osbourne looks like a fat Boy George.

This is astonishingly bad. The late 00s really are the late 70s all over again, and the Osbournes are our Osmonds.

Prickly Pete - 2009-02-12

Perhaps "The Osbournes meet the Osmonds" would be more satisfying than "The osbournes meet other people named Osbourne."

citrusmirakel - 2009-02-12

Here's the good part: This show will get cancelled, and quick. Not because it is a crime against civilization, but because it is a variety show, and try as they might, they've never made the variety show format work after the 70's.

Here's the bad part: Even though this show gets cancelled immediately, those terrible Osbourne children still are going to make more from it than you make in a decade.

BHWW - 2009-02-12

Boy, I sure was hoping those repulsive Osbournes would get another TV show. Wishes can come true!

PS Jack Osbourne is a creepy douchebag. I think that's a pretty obvious point but still worth mentioning.

svraz - 2009-02-12

I actually think that this might be entertaining. It looks kind of fun. Also, I think the Osbournes are a good antidote to TV shows like the Hills or OC. Finally, in defence of Jack. I saw an episode of one of his reality shows where he was very supportive and encouraging (not in a patronizing way) to a "nerdy" gal that seemed quite genuine. There are way more repulsive people out there in TV land.
Finally, OZZY RULES!

citrusmirakel - 2009-02-12

^- ban this guy.

dancingshadow - 2009-02-12

The Ozzy you're thinking of died some time ago. He's more machine than man now.

chumbucket - 2009-02-12

tv needs a major enema

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