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Desc:Potholer54 explains the big bang, evolution, and everything in-between.
Category:Educational, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Evolution, creationism, Big Bang, potholer54, arm yourscelf with knowledge
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Comment count is 11
NoCode - 2009-02-15
Interesting stuff! Also, good use of the Accidents & Explosions tag.
ProfessorChaos - 2009-02-15
part 2 is also worth a gander, if you are like me and have no background in general astronomy.
dancingshadow - 2009-02-15
The universe is rad.

Also, I got an ad for The Hugo Chavez Show.
dancingshadow - 2009-02-15
Altho, this does not attempt to explain our origin, and the description should read, "Humanity learns the basics of light."

Camonk - 2009-02-15
As rad as our universe is, all the ways we come up with to understand it are even radder.

Udderdude - 2009-02-15
Why does the preview image look like some guy's exploding head from the main page?
StanleyPain - 2009-02-15
This whole series is brilliant. It's amazing it was made by some guy with shitty editing software and being pissed off about the YouTube creationist brigade. He's now compiled it into a DVD (with a few modifications to remove outright criticism of religion and creationism) for use for free in schools.
pastorofmuppets - 2009-02-15
Well he is an extremely sharp journalist. The editing is not really what matters....it's that his explanations are clear and he has that oh-so-enjoyable teaspoon of snark.

Keefu - 2009-02-15
The scientific community needs so many more like potholer54.
pastorofmuppets - 2009-02-15
They do. It's sort of sad how guys like Sagan and even Gould got a lot of shit in their respective field for writing for the general populace as opposed to other scientists. Perhaps if that didn't happen, more people would step up to the plate.

OTOH, I think most of the problem is that, as good as you can be, if you're talking about science most people are just going to say tl;dr.

thebaronsdoctor - 2009-02-17
This man really needs the backing of a major TV network.
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