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Desc:I cannot imagine how much this man must stand there while people press his buttons
Category:Video Games, Fashion
Tags:Tetris, gameboy, ninterndo, dispensable income
Submitted:Godard's Drinking Problem
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Comment count is 8
bitches don't know shit about rotating blocks.
Wonko the Sane
Ladies and gentlemen, the planet's one and only person to have never played Tetris before.
Great costume, -1 for the fucking retard playing during the video.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Steve Jobs, my how the mighty have fallen.
I respect his cosplaying skills.
im pretty sure the guy was just freaked out about pressing the rotate button too hard. I wouldve been.
Does no one seem to notice that they are pleasuring this man.
People look where the control pad is! Where are his hands!

I never had anything but disdain and ridicule for cosplayers...until now.
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