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Desc:Benny the Jet in an actual kickboxing fight
Tags:kickboxing, benny the jet
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Comment count is 19
Frank Rizzo
I have no idea who this person is, after a google search... I still have no idea who this person is.
John Cusack killed him with a pen.

did you see any action movies in the 80s?

You need to google the internet.

Frank Rizzo
I googled the internet and I got 4chan

Frank you are so witty, you dumb fucking bastard. Please do choke on one of the many cocks you force down your throat to feed your animal porn addiction.

Frank Rizzo
5 stars for angrying up the blood of oddeye.

I love these style vs. style fights that you really don't see anymore. It's also nice to see Benny actually fight after hearing about his legend (which has also most reached Rickson Gracie territory) for so long.

The throw that finishes the fight is really weird though. Why are San Shou style throws allowed in a kickboxing match, yet knees, elbows, and clinching are not?
Killer Joe
The throw was very illegal, and the match was declared a 'no contest'.

That and the spinning heel kick (or whatever you might happen to call it call it) he does a moment before are fucking badass.

Thanks, Killer Joe. I tried to find information on this particular match and didn't find much in my first few search results, so I had no idea.

It also turns out a few other of his matches had controversial endings, usually due to questionable rules set in his favor.

Trivia: In Dragons Forever (an excellent Jackie Chan, Yuen Biao, Samo Hung flick from the 1980s) Chan really wanted to work with Urquidez, and did, but wound up never working with him again because all throughout the filming he was incapable of pulling his punches properly and was beating the shit out of everyone he fought. He got better, but in the rest of his film career he was noted for being tough to work with since he had the same problem.
Wheelie McJesus
Chan had previously worked with Urquidez in Wheels on Meals. Their fight scene in that one is goddamned fantastic.

Did you have a stroke or something?

Careful, theSnake is his bona fide real life nickname! He's fucking HARDCORE to the MAX like that.

j lzrd / swift idiot
a flaming monkey
I like how it showed his mom in the audience. She looked nonplussed.
Tuan Jim
I like how the other guy looked way more muscular and fit and was getting the better of benny until he got his ass slammed.
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