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Desc:because pistol bayonets are necessary
Category:Educational, Science & Technology
Tags:Glock, Pistol, bayonet, layserlyte, faggotry
Submitted:dr tits
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Comment count is 42
I always wanted to cut boxes with my gun.

Well this way you can cut open a box and then AAAUGH THERE'S A SNAKE IN THE BOX and then you shoot the snake.

Camonk, these stars are for you.

I agree

Yeah, you get the last phantom star

Whatever your doctorate is in, Dr. Tits, it is terrible for tags. Fix yo' tags, president!
Hmm. Didn't really test the bayonets there, did they?
if he ran out there screaming and stabbing a dummy with his tiny bayonet i would be buying one right now
I'm with you.

Syd Midnight
With something that ridiculous, you'd have to take the comedy angle. I would mount it to a sword or another, larger knife, "as a backup. A true warrior is always prepared."

Wonko the Sane
Truly, this is the pinnacle of human civilisation.
What the fuck would poetv do without your wit, guidance, and grasp of english spelling?


In fairness the British spelled it first.

Those tags need to be fixed because putting a tiny un-scary bayonet on to your pistol is most certainly "faggotry" and deserves to be linked with such. Minus one star for them not even stabbing something with it.
commas between your tags, dr tits.

+1 for the man who looks like a lesbian.

La Loco
What a lame idea, that's the kind of thing you'll never use but end up in the emergency room because you forgot there was a tiny knife on your gun and accidentaly sat on it.
Walt Henderson
So as long as there isn't a knife on your gun, you're totally cool with sitting on it?

La Loco
You have to sit on the gun to keep it warm, it makes the bullets faster.

Caminante Nocturno
I doubt anyone's surprised at what this guy looks like.
Cap'n Profan!ty
Nice to see the hunting sword making a comeback. Unfortunately this doesn't have nearly their sense of style.
Step 1: Mount tiny box-cutter bayonet to pistol.

Step 2: Apply hair product and go out into the Arizona desert

Step 3: Shoot at nothing, record sweet footage of bayonet staying on the gun the whole time

Step 4: Upload to Youtube; Sit back and let the cash and bitches roll in
Doctor Arcane
There is absolutely no way that bayonet would stay on during heavy cutting. The thing is probably held on with 1 screw like you know, the shit you usually mount on gun rails.
It barely even held on during firing.

Five for people that give this a low score because a tiny knife on a small gun is ridiculous.
"Laserlyte" makes think of that Versus movie, with the guy who had the katana with a laser sight.
Caminante Nocturno
Come on, remembering that had to be worth two stars.

Dinkin Flicka

The perfect gift for someone who thinks Gunkata is an actual martial art.
The idea is dumb enough to earn 4 stars. The actual manufacture and demonstration beggars belief.

For all your short, to very short range, home invasion fantasies.
I'm pretty sure you could eventually decapitate someone with that thing. They should make it so you can actually launch the knife by firing a blank or something.
You could EVENTUALLY decapitate someone with a nail clipper and a determined gleam in your eye.

Three stars for an innovative idea for something bored Americans don't own yet.
Clearly absurd.
You mean I can put another penis extension on top of my EXISTING penis extension?!
It's so shitty and pointless that he has to adjust it near the end of the video... ooops, I mean it fucking rocks and is perfect for stabbin terrorists in the face
" I don't understand, it seemed much cooler in Final Fantasy 8."
dr tits
or, if you wanted to be completely useless:


try this chainsaw bayonet that can't even cut through a dead tree!
Syd Midnight
It would be rad as fuck to stick one on the end of a tank's cannon.
why would you want a bayonet that small on a tank?

Picking locks, idiot.

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