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Desc:Helpful child genius Max is nearly sucked into the ether
Category:Classic Movies, Horror
Tags:space camp, nightmare fuel, john williams, Joaquin Phoenix, kate capshaw
Submitted:Jeff Fries
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Comment count is 16
Five stars for the most surreal thing I've seen all week.

BONUS CREEPINESS: listen to the last two minutes without watching the video.
I couldn't stop giggling the entire time.

Jimmy Labatt
Loveable Max then went on to become a hip-hop sensation. Bye good Max, bye good.
Reason #34882 why we should stop dicking around in outer space. There is nothing there for us, its a giant vacuum with some floating rocks.
Timothy A. Bear
Needed a Mission To Mars 'I can't let you do that, lady' bummer ending.
Jinx put Max in spaaaaaace!
Big Muddy

Rape Van Winkle
Jesus fucking christ.

Like being a hair lipped little kid marooned in space and having to climb the fucking lattice to get some oxygen tanks to save the day isn't stressful enough without some cunt nagging you to hurry.
Seriously, that's exactly what I was thinking. He knows to hurry, just chill for Christ's sake.

Rape Van Winkle
Cunt even had to yap at him about money.

Turns out passive aggression is able to exist in vacuum.
Great, dumb movie.
The little kid is Joaquim Phoenix, BTW, when he was still known as Leaf and hadn't had surgery to fix his cleft lip yet.
Rape Van Winkle
When did they fix it? In the future?

Big Muddy
I think he later had another minor cosmetic correction but he obviously ain't got a open seam clear thru his lip there.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Heh, Googling "thermal curtain failure" brings up hits to this movie.
Big Muddy
Kate Capshaw was braless with a t-shirt though the whole movie. It's particularly funny when she's all enraged about the kids incompetence during that wacky test flight scene.
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