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Desc:'Closure?! Dude, we can't do this! We've got 2 sequels and a TV series ready down the line!'
Category:Classic Movies, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Alternate ending, terminator 2, awesome movie is awesome
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Comment count is 17
Someone needs to do one of those Jar-Jar things where they edit out Edward Furlong.

And christ, this is a cringe-inducingly bad ending.
Pretty much. I don't think there's any good movies with children as main characters.

I trust you're forgetting Clifford

The voice over is so fucking terrible.
I had no idea this existed. I'll never look at that movie the same way again.
Tuan Jim
Huh, me neither.

This is sorta how it should have ended.

Four stars for no sequels existing in an alternate time line.

I would have prefered this ending.

T3 wasn't absolute shit (very close) but it would have been much better to end it with T2 and end the franchise on a really high note.

or just not have made T3 and did a prequel explanation for the T4 cyborg war movie.

I agree with SolRo. T3 was shit, and T4 could've been a prequel. Also the TV series is shit. Oh well.

And here I thought the the third one was uncharacteristically bad. Maybe they saw this ending and were like, Shit we can make a whole movie that at least bumps against this bar.
Wow. That's a sissy ending. +4 because I didn't know this existed.
I actually liked terminator 3. It felt very similar to the first two, and had some really great bits (particularly the ending). The antagonist was admitedly terrible, though.

5 stars for this ending never happening.
Prickly Pete
It's a sad reality where John Connor's future isn't yelling at a DP for fucking with the lights mid scene...

Also, "Michael Jackson turned 40"?
Well, yeah. Michael Jackson is naturally linked to doomsday scenarios. We just normaly expect him to CAUSE them.

This takes place shortly after Sarah Conner was released from prison. I'm surprised she's allowed around kids after molesting a young Kyle Reese.
Michael Houser
Terminator 2 was blessed by a host of very wise cuts of incredibly lame and out-of-place schmaltz. James Cameron seemed to have an editor back then whose main duty was to chop out crap like this. Sadly, he must have been fired just before 'The Abyss'.
But The Abyss was before Strange Days, and Strange Days was badass.

Caminante Nocturno
This ending would have been preferable, as the films that came after 2 made this film's actual ending completely meaningless.
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