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Desc:His secret? The right kind of beer.
Category:Sports, Religious
Tags:Da Crusher, Reggie Liskowski, wrestling from when it wasn fake, or gay
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Comment count is 10
One legend about this guy was he trained by running with a keg of beer on his back and when he got done running, he drank the keg.

I marked out for that.

Next ta mihwahkee.
The man who made Milwaukee famous. R.I.P.

Needs this playing in the background.
Who do ya think is singing that song?

Hammerlock. Turkeynecks. DO IT.
It'd be redundant---IT'S THE SAME GUY.

NOT gay? He was threatening to fist and then stick a "cigar" in his defeated opponent's mouth, then go party with a bunch of overblown frat boys whose mascot is a blatant symbol of maritime sodomy. Not even taking into account the piņata, this was gorgeously, shamelessly queer.
And to add to that, pro-wrestling has been fake since the 20's, maybe as far back as the late 19th century.

So, yeah, still fake, still gay.

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