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Desc:The full whale experience.
Category:Advertisements, Pets & Animals
Tags:beer, Japan, PSA, sushi, harpoon
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Comment count is 11
Menudo con queso
Doop a loop.
Dupe doop de doop.
The Townleybomb
Captures the subtle creepy racism of anti-whaling nutters perfectly.
Captures the overt creepy racism of Australians perfectly.

Frank Rizzo
complain da plame a lame complain
This is as fucking low down as if Domino's put out an ad saying if you bought a competitor's pizza you are for abortion, so five burning orange stars of purest Evil for this clip.
I had no idea beer involved whales at all.

Also: if you're going to pull the dupe card, link to it, so we can just rate the original instead. Twats.
Beer doesn't involve whales. The guy who runs the company who makes the beer this is a commercial for is anti whaling and gives a percent of the profits from the beer to anti whaling groups so if you drink any other brand then YOU HATE WHALES.

I looked for the dupe, not that I wanted to play the dupe card (I was just trying to be helpful), but couldn't find the "original".

So either it was poorly tagged or nonexistent.

In any case, I'm merely four-starring Frank's comment above and giving a bonus star for the fact that I never knew that whales were electrocuted (cause that's just fucking awesome).

Well that's a bit better I guess.

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