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Desc:and that's where its gonna stay.
Category:Religious, Horror
Tags:short and sweet, rhythm, Altar Boyz, god put it there
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Comment count is 19
Muddy Mae Suggins
"short and sweet?" more like long and hard.

Also, this is what happens when you suppress your sexual identity for too long. You explode gay all over. It's like holding in your pee for too long. It never ends well.
Muddy Mae Suggins
They're very spot on.

if public displays of gay are allowed the holy shield that defends america will erode and thats why you had 9/11, katrina and a shitty first single from chinese democracy

I really get bothered by those "notes" that pop up in youtube videos these days.
So disable them?

Does this funky Christian dance-pop have a MIDI accordion or am I hearing things?

I was just going to say, i love how it sounds like they're backed up by the soundtrack from turtles in time

It doesn't help that they're on the set of RENT.
Jesus christ.
And then God punched me in the back of the head with His will.
Lauritz Melchior
I assumed that this would be about abortion.
Is it a dick move to one-star something out of disappointment for not getting to see it?

Because if it is....

fuck this is awful
Adam O'Connell
No this is awesome. I actually hurt myself laughing.
But...their rhythm is subpar at best.
This song just sounds vulgar.
This is a joke right? Subtle tongue-in-cheek humor? I hope not, because otherwise it would be so goddamn hilarious.
That guy

The band is called Altar Boyz.

Nope, no innuendo there.
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