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Tags:food, Kids in the Hall, kith, dignity
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I think what hurt Kids In The Hall most is they really started to rely too much on the recurring characters after a while and while there were still funny sketches all the way though, it got really formulaic and for real, they are seriously beating a joke into the ground here.

One extra star for the mighty Canadian Mullet though.
These characters appeared in maybe 3 in-studio sketches for the whole of the series (5 years) and 2 or 3 filmed sketches. I'm not sure I would call that beating any dead horse. And although, yes, they had a pretty good amount of recurring characters, unlike many shows that use recurring characters to cover up bad writing, these guys used them because they were actually funny.

I think it just feels that way when you compare this one, which is normal funny, to the one where they win the tapeworm food from the loser institute (and Kevin is dressed like a bottle of "catsup"), which is dangerous levels of funny.

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