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Desc:English rednecks create a thing of beauty
Category:Stunts, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:scooter, wall of death, Stamford Cowboys, pallets
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Comment count is 29
Oh my fucking word.
Sober?/Not Sober?
Man Who Fights Like Woman
+1 for various camera angles.
+1 for keeping me guessing what the point of it was for so long.
+3 for them being so damn excited about it!
Then it all went wrong.

Can we get BBBS out there?
Take that, ramp van.

"Misapplied industry" tag? I'd be on it.
he puts the helmet on AFTER his first try?
Tuan Jim
The last shot of the guy staggering as he tries to get the helmet on is awesome.

They didn't even dump gasoline on it and burn it at the end? What kind of rednecks are these?
Thats in the "Worlds Largest Bond Fire" video. Not kidding.

Stamford Cowboys safety gear requirements:

>Ascending / descending ladder:
>>full helmet

>Riding a scooter vertically on the Wall of Death:

*not required if testing the wall for the first time
You heard 'im. He hates ladders.

Wait till you guys see the video of them burning it down.
Big Beef Burritos Supreme
He even did the hick YEAH! when it worked :D
English Rednecks > American Rednecks
By far, sir.

That being said, this is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. Why did they burn it down?!

I saw this on dailyrotten.com earlier.
Robert DeNegro
Egad! I do say, are you congenitally mad?
Prickly Pete
I guess I was unfamiliar with the term "Wall of Death." I was expecting knives and guns to be coming out...
At first I thought they were going to hoist it up on one end and use it like a giant murderous hamster wheel. This was almost as great.
I think we know what Stonehenge was actually built for now.

Also +5 stars for tea break.
Pie Boy
i hate to be so nitpicky but the proper name for this is a "well of death" i believe
Way to go, boredom!
Lies, lies, LIES!
I doubt we could even understand each other speak, but these are My People.
Holy crap.

Other possible uses for a circle of pallets type structure:

1. gladiator arena
2. sweet structure for vines/roses/rose vines/evil spikey deathplants like trifoliate orange
3. coolest fort on the block
elm axo
let me get this straight, nine of them build it just so one guy can use it? he must be their leader
I love and respect the Cowboys.
So that's what happened to their empire.
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