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Desc:Daniel reflects on moving and giving women his 'card'
Category:Horror, Humor
Tags:bad, daniel songer, stop singing, my number was destroyed in the dryer.
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Comment count is 10
This guy makes me think that the title "comedian" needs to be awarded to you by a disinterested third party before you can claim to be one.
Mike Tyson?!
The squatting. The desperation. The yelling. The dancing.

All my stars, Daniel. All my stars.
This is a man who is desperate and dying inside.

Also, does he even own any long pants?
we're just happy he has pants

Hugo Gorilla
I e-mailed Daniel not too long about about his screenplays. The guy was nice enough to write back and tell me his third self-published book to come will have samples of his screenwriting. I doubt I'll buy it though.

Daniel Songer seems like the perfect guy to have over for a cook-out or play poker. It's just he's so dense about his lack of artistic ability. This video didn't even come close to any jokes.
Were there jokes in any of the others?

Testicles of Doom
Is this guy for real, I mean, really? Or is he some anti-comedian who's so good at being unfunny, that...

oh just fuck it have the stars already.
I wonder why he's still single
Daniel Songer IS:


he is on a love quest but the jerkdryers keep erasing his cards
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