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Desc:Would you tap that...? What about now?
Category:Advertisements, Arts
Tags:wine, Italy, transexual
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Comment count is 15
Man, that shit happens to me all the time.
Tuan Jim
You've got shitty taste in wine, is why.

The Faghorn
Campari tastes so bad you might as well just splash it on people at random in hopes of finding the genderqueer of your dreams.
Big Beef Burritos Supreme
Campari is a pretty gay drink.

I guess they know this.
Campari's not a wine. It's a liquor that tastes of rust and sad.
Bill Murray drinks it in "The Life Aquatic."
The person in the dress at the beginning of this ad is not the same as at the end.
Are you sure? They seemed really, really similar, even int he face.


-1 star because you people think Campari is wine.
Goofy Gorilla
Pook was waiting for some more money for this song. No one bought the DVD after all.
Now if all the lesbians can dress like men, and all the gay dudes dress like women and hook up with the lesbians it would end all the bitching and moaning for same sex marriages.
children say the darndest things!!!

I'm not sure how wrapping a vagina in men's clothes is suddenly supposed to make it attractive to a group of men who has figured out they are only into men's genatilia?

La Loco
Your kind is the reason I have to live in NY.

La Loco: That's prejudiced.

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