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Desc:Muhammad Ali speaks. From the excellent film 'When We Were Kings'
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:muhammad ali, Don King, humility, When We Were Kings
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Comment count is 19
Never been a better shit talker.
He was the original Chuck Norris joke.

Mister Yuck
And then he did.
Frank Rizzo
and now whenever he holds a glass of milk it turns into a milkshake.
I've got another mindfuck for you. A lot of great people? They DIED. I mean they're literally dead.



...they were all my friends, and they died...

That Ali is one Bad Mother if lightning and thunder don't stand a chance against him.
Shut yo mou-


ego parade!
Dinkin Flicka
He Is Legend

Alexander of Macedonia also probably talked a lot of shit.

you deserve to be banned

the proof was in the pudding

Dr Dim
If he had been shy and quietly spoken, do you think he would have made a) more money or b) less money?

There is an actual reason why fighters talk smack, do crazy shit at weigh ins etc.

Syd Midnight
I read about when Will Smith was playing him in "Ali", and Smith got absolutely into the zone and was spending the day in character, trash talking in rhyme, and Ali himself watched from one corner of the room and said "Was I really that goofball when I was that age? Don't matter, I was the Best."

He's certainly not the best athlete ever, or even best boxer, but he's The Best. Not just because he said he was, or because he was able to fit 4 boxing careers into 1 lifetime, but because he said he was the best and he made it STICK.
Syd Midnight
ps. My dad lost $500 betting against Ali once, because "George Foreman had arms the size of trees". Yeah but Ali had ROPE-A-DOPE.

Dr Dim
I wish more fighters would copy the charismatic, witty part instead of just the bragging. Anyone can talk shit but not everyone can make it rhyme.
You can hear him slurring. 1974
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