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Desc:Licks Objects in Hotel Room. This turns out to be a viral ad. Sorry.
Category:Nature & Places, Arts
Tags:Tongue, lick, hotel
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Comment count is 30
"Art"? More like "SFW Fetish Week."

good thing that's not a holiday inn, or she'd be dead now
I fucking popped a boner at this, wtf
Mister X is either recoiling in horror or fapping furiously to this
Horror here.

Fapping furiously, here.

sadness tinged with arousal
Fucking hell. I had to stopwatching that when she lifted the the toilet seat.

Please don't tell me she actually licked it?
Big Beef Burritos Supreme
Yup. Kind of ruined it.

Dinkin Flicka
My mind was relaying that it should be ruined. Yet my arousal persisted. I won't apologize, my impulses are only natural.

As someone who works in a hotel I have to say...FUCKING WHY GOD!!!?????
If you make it to the end, you'll see it's a viral ad.
Thank god, at least some things still make sense in the world.

Sorry, I never made it to the very end after the toliet. I hate viral ads. I am going to rate my own post just to give it - 2 stars for being a viral ad.

My primitive culture tends to form cargo cults around viral ads.

I wish this girl were less attractive for the following reasons:

a) I would be less turned on
b) "dumpy girls with persuasive boyfriends" tag

alas! I was gonna -1 for viral marketing, but honestly, I'm just way too relieved. I cringed horribly at the remote licking.
Frank Rizzo
god damn!
one star for girl
one star for tongue
one star for lick
as much as i hate viral ads i still like all of the above
she really knew how to work that room
Gamara II
Viral? More like BACTERIAL!
I am so disappointed.
You know of better girl licking hotel room object videos?

Fuck you, internet, you can pander to me better than this.
punch drunk babies
Glad I read comments first, the toilet thing didnt really affect my boner AT ALL
I like how she gives the camera a knowing look before she goes down on the toilet.

karl hungus
there wasn't even any water in the toilet. BONER TIME!!!
My mind says this is not hot. My genitals say otherwise.

I can't decide which one to go with.
Only a blacklight can truly show if something is dirty or not.

This....makes the point, too.
Big Muddy
Who you calling a cootie queen you lint-licker?
All women do this when no one else is around.
The Mothership
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