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Desc:The Caesars of Rome wrote US legislation from the 50s. Also, the true origin of birth certificates.
Category:Religious, Educational
Tags:new world order, uniform commercial code, NYSE, Hedonism Bot, homophones are proof
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Comment count is 14
Lucid and compelling.
James Woods
I was going to give it three stars cause it's too stupid to be evil, but I liked the ending.
Robin Kestrel
Wow, this takes a sharp turn onto Crazy Street at 3:20, doesn't it?
Well, Crazy Street and Inaccurate Ave cross about four times in Nutjobville, so that's not a hard turn to make.

Never trust someone's word on law history unless it is accompanied by an ominous soundtrack.

Also, need a serious business tag.
Papa November
One of these stars is for the hedonismbot tag.
Caminante Nocturno
Being a conspiracy nut looks like it would be pretty easy.

Keyboards. No matter what you type, no matter who types it, no matter where they type it, be it Turkey, Estonia, Pakistan-- they're typing it on a keyboard.

The keyboard is used every day by hundreds of millions of people, but what is the keyboard, REALLY? Where does the information really go when you type?

Scary D&B there at the end.
his neck looks like it is trying to slowly devour his head
Using random pics of Pope Benedict to creep people out is like picking the low-hanging fruit.

I think JP2 was good looking enough to soften the natural reaction that the crazy vestments cause but when I see Benedict I just think *omg secret rituals THEY MIGHT BE EATING PEOPLE*

and I was raised Catholic, even.
Soooooooo does that mean I can take my birth certificate public? I think since I'm studying a growing a field, I might be a good investment. My earning potential will skyrocket, and that's good for stockholders.
I looked up my number on the stock exchange.

Turned out I was one of those enron stocks. I'm living on borrowed time:(
Lauritz Melchior
I don't trust his hair.
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