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Desc:Former interrogator tells it like it is.
Category:News & Politics, Crime
Tags:Iraq, torture, cheney
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Comment count is 12
That is a very calm man.
Frank Rizzo
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I'm all for Darth Cheney looking stupid.
Yeah, and I'll bet the seven people who saw this video and didn't already hate him are quite possibly rearranging their views on that matter.

I like this guy, though.

Robin Kestrel
Al Qaeda wants to prove that the American actions do not live up to American ideals; that we are hypocrites... MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Now we had a chance to walk the walk with all our talk of moral authority-- a chance to repudiate a history of criminal acts that long predates Bush-Cheney, and what are we going to do? Turn the page...which means go "tsk-tsk, that's not what America is all about!" and continue doing the same evil shit as always, only slightly less blatantly.
Some people were so terrified by September 11th that their connection to reality was busted. Cheney was the most powerful of those people.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Cheney knew from the beginning that he was breaking the law, and that this would step up the conflict. He wanted conflict. He was on the board of Haliburton and therefore a war profiteer. He instigated as much conflict as possible before leaving office and in so doing should be sent to the Hague.

But we won't do that, because this country has lost all sense of justice.


on account of it being 100% true

William Batty
Trust me folks, you don't want a fag supervising your interrogation.
La Loco
Let me guess, you're a white male?

Dr Dim
You're both pretty terrible.

Old People
For Dim.

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