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Desc:When fantasy and reality collide! I have never heard of this show before, but oh my.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Fashion
Tags:Car, LARP, fatty, repo men, how dare you sir
Submitted:Rodents of Unusual Size
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Comment count is 16
Is that any way to treat a princess!?
The life of a repo man is always intense.

But it usually isn't this retarded.

(this has to be fake. I swear to fucking god this has to be fake, or TRUTV pays off your car note in exchange for appearing on their show or something.)
I've met a few larpers. Most have a sense of reality and this clip totally goes beyond the line. I call BS.

But it's still worth 5 for the representative value of fatty larpers.
Doctor Arcane
This is my favoritist video on the intarwebz evar.
-1 for not calling them "brigands" or "corsairs."
How dare you, sir!
Adham Nu'man
Bullshit, but I won't rain on your star-parade.
Lauritz Melchior
I'm not sure how to rate it. My BS alarm was distracting me from actually enjoying the clip fully.
Spastic Avenger
'I am known by that name in your realm.'

I will use this now whenever anybody asks me to confirm my name.
Rabid Vegan
It's not even well done bullshit, just bullshit.
One of my favorite reality shows, until the one where they wrecked the car with a camera man in it flipped my bullshit toggle. I wiki'd the thing and all my dreams were dashed.

I then wiki'd Santa Claus. It was a bad day.
Honey, I changed the Easter Bunny wiki just for you.

He ain't fake anymore.

Fake, also tedious. Reno 911! did the "Nerds can't separate fantasy and reality'' joke so much better.
The demo was better.

Reality shows are awful in the first place, but when they can't even convincingly stage the bullshit I lose all patience with them.
yes this is a real thing
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