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Desc:The money shot from the 'Deadliest Warrior' episode
Category:Military, Classic TV Clips
Tags:Cold War, now you know, Green Berets, Spetsnaz, Deadliest Warrior
Submitted:Syd Midnight
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Syd Midnight
I'd like to have cut off the first 3 minutes as well. The show sucks but this episode was kinda interesting because they had real Green Berets and Spetsnaz. The Green Berets were in PR mode, all gung-ho "We're #1 high tech big win" while the Spetsnaz guys just glared silently and occasionally muttered scary things like "I kill."
That is hilarious to me.

While this was sort of interesting, it was extremely cheesy. Needs the "ACTING!" tag.

a flaming monkey
...What? That was stoopid. Our computer simulation proves that Spetsnaz are the better combat actors!
This is actually one of the better ones, too... it gets worse when they pick more hypothetical examples. Like "Apache vs. Gladiator".

Syd Midnight
Spartan vs Ninja was funny, but the best was a mounted knight vs a swashbuckling pirate. I would rather have uploaded that one because it's great.

Who are you to argue with an Excel spreadsheet!?

Spetsnaz means "special forces". It's an umbrella term. No single Russian unit has this title and it's not in official use.

Basically, this video is worthless. Still, +2 stars for effort

I am fiving this for two reasons, coincidentally somewhat related.

1) A deadly accurate flying death knife, that in a pinch can also be used as a knife knife.

2) A retractable weaponized shovel.
Afghani goat herders have beaten them both.
In their own patronizing way, the western military believed they had a lot to teach the Russians. They thought in terms of method... when in fact it was a matter of philosophy.
I feel embarrassed for both types of ass-kicking super-trained murder machines mentioned in this video.

Extra star for that knife, damn.
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