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Desc:Oh Jesus.
Category:Religious, Horror
Tags:Jesus, Fanatic, Abortion, Child abuse, 6 year old
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Comment count is 25
aww, so cute!!
Big Beef Burritos Supreme

Says it all, really.
God dammit.
The good news is he's probably too young to really understand what he's saying.

The bad news is, that won't change as he gets older.
Somebody's on his way to becoming the best crazy corner-preachin' hobo in town. Adorable!
He already is. He's Samuel Boutwell, a 7-year old preacher. He's been on TV a lot.

This must make people feel a whole lot better about their decision. Holy fuck, after 7 mins of that voice, I wish I could have an abortion.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Yeah I'm guessing a lot of would be moms took one look at this kid and said "let me have the damn forms and a pen! NOW!"

When this kid grows up, this video will be his birth control.
It is what would happen if mommy killed you. Here's a sign.

shouldnt he be in kindergarten coloring?

also i think you should at least be old enough to knock someone up before you can protest abortions.

"shouldnt he be in kindergarten coloring?"


So what's it going to be already???

Do I REH-PENT or do I Murder my Child????
I want to shit in his mouth. Then, I want him to snowball it back into the mouths of his parents.

Yeah, I said it.
As a child my parents at one point made me hold anti-abortion signs and parrot back scripture.

Then I grew up and became an Atheist.
Takes these stars, brainbroke, you've earned them!

drinks of choice are on me! let's party!

Yeah, same here. At some point during our protest someone driving by threw a quarter at us which luckily hit my sign. Had it hit me it probably would have hurt, as fast as they were driving. I felt attacked and couldn't understand why anyone wouldn't want us to stop baby murder.

Then I grew up and became an Atheist.

apparently some parent made a terrible choice 6 years ago
This kid was aborted 6 years ago.
Testicles of Doom
Is it wrong that I want this kid maced and arrested?
I really, really want to drive over there, stand on the street corner right next to them, and scream FUCK as long and as hard as I can. You don't make your kids pick fights with adults on issues they can't even understand, then expect the world to go easy on them because they're kids.
j lzrd / swift idiot
See, now this just makes me want to scream.

And just keep screaming.

Screaming dawn to dusk.

Screaming incoherently.

Scream and try to dig a tunnel with my bare fingernails.

Scream and jump into a fast moving river and try and swim against the flow.

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