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Desc:On CBS, November 22, 1963
Category:News & Politics, Classic TV Clips
Tags:JFK, Cronkite
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Comment count is 14
Count how many times he moves his glasses. They don't appear to benefit his near or far vision, but rather give his hands something to do and give him an excuse to touch his face.
It was the 60s. Everyone had a prop.

His first choice was an acoustic guitar.

Syd Midnight
He left his cigarettes in his suit jacket. Back then anchors could smoke.

2nd prop was a bullhorn.
Have we lost the last living journalist?
Dan Rather?

infinite zest
no fuck head JFK
infinite zest
I really really wish I could tell you that I remember posting this. RIP Walter Cronkite, fuck you Shanghai Tunnel

drunk post?

infinite zest
drunk post :)

You know, watching this, you can see that it's the same mill of rumors, unconfirmed sources, and third party stories that we have today. But my God, there was so much class and style and poise and responsibility back then.

At least we still have Glenn Beck...
Exactly 5 stars worth of class, style, poise, and responsibility, mind you.

Syd Midnight
I'll never forget where I was when I first commented on this thread.
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