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Desc:Hard lessons and P-Funk
Category:Religious, Humor
Tags:Beeotch, Preachin, Next Caller, The Fuckin Bible
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Comment count is 7

Yeah, I know that video is dead... but there's also another dupe that works just fine.
I know it's a dupe and all, but this guy never gets old for me.
Those tags are terrible, though.
1 star on principle.

Yay! I've duped this as well!
infinite zest
so can anyone actually delete videos from poetv or it like some certain non-profit organization where everything in the fucking database must stay in existence for ALL FUCKING TIME EVEN THOUGH THEY MOVED TO FUCKING NINNESOTA AND WOULD JUST LIKE TO GET TAKEN OFF THE GODDAMN MOTHERFUKIN MAILING LIST! IT'S REALLY GODDAMN ANNOYING! sorry thought I'd use this opportunity to bitch about my work :)
You know, I remember kelpfoot had a video where he asked if it would be a good idea to give poeTV users an opportunity to delete their submissions, or maybe be able to flag them as dupes.

During the discussion in the video, he found a way to post comments without a name, the same way he does with submissions, and wrote an email to Chet trying to get his input.

Interestingly, I was actually pretty curious to see whether or not we would be able to delete videos from poeTV by ourselves, but wasn't able to see Chet's response because the video kelpfoot submitted was deleted.

infinite zest
Interesting. I just wish there was a way I could change my username. This one's totally from like Freshman Year

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